Shield connector Type: cable sheath clip

Shield connector Type cable sheath clip

Solderless shielding for cable cross-sections for which all conventional earthing systems can not be used due to small cross-section, the cable sheath clip is used there exactly. This product has already proved itself worldwide and several millions times in the course of its life cycle and meanwhile belongs to the standard earthing system in the telecommunications sector.

The easy installation, an excellent mechanical connection as well as optimum electric conductivity make this earthing system practically indispensable. Of course, the cable sheath clip fulfils the requirements of the DIN norm 47626 and, moreover, offers optimum connection possibilities for earth lines from a cross-section of 2.5mm ² to 25mm ².

The powder-coated retaining plate, whose solid teeth bite into the plastic cable sheath during assembly, the contact plate which ensures the secure electric contact with the cable shield as well as the insulating plate which protects the cable against mechanical influences are tuned to each other at 100% and consist each of different materials, which are additionally surface-treated. We do this in order to achieve best conductivity and optimum corrosion protection. The base plate, by means of which the system is fastened to the cable and to whose specially hardened threaded bolts the ground conductor is screwed by means of self-locking nuts, all this together results in a system that has already very successfully been used worldwide for years.

We optionally supply the earth lines used to his effect in each required version. The standard for this product is a ground conductor of 16mm² with black insulation. Any other colour is, however, available even without longer delivery time.

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