Shield connector Type: V

Shield connector Type: V / V-Clip

This shield connector that belongs to standard in the telecommunications sector in Europe provides a solderless earthing connection between two and several cable shieldings.

The shield connection clip consists of two individual parts not welded together. As a result, we, unlike very many competitors, obtain much better electrical values. The selection of technically best raw materials and an optimally conductive coating of the individual components do the rest. Of course, we fulfil the requirements of the DIN norm 47626 with this earthing system.

The shield connection clip on the one hand consists of the clamping body and on the other hand of the contact element. When the shield connector is pressed together during assembly, the contact element bites into the cable shield. The material properties of the clamping body are designed in such way that springing back is excluded and thus a safe earthing is guaranteed after having been properly installed.

We supply this shield connector assembled with a ground conductor from 1mm² to 4mm², whereby the standard is about 2.5mm². The standard insulation colour is black, any other colour is, however, available even without longer delivery time.

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