Shield connector Type: SW

Shield connector Type: SW

You know that, in the case of communication cables with few pairs or data lines, there is not sufficient space in cable to install a standard shield connector. The cutting out of straps for the installation of a shield connector in very many cases results in the individual cores being damaged or even separated or results in the aluminum lamination of the cable sheath being torn or broken when it is bent up by force.

We present our smallest shield connectors certified according to DIN 47626 for which, in most cases, it is not necessary to cut the cable lengthwise or crosswise (see assembly instructions).

This shield connection clip consists of a spring-tempered special steel and the installation on such critical cables is significantly simplified. The shield connection clip is, similarly to the SC-clip, simply slided onto the cable sheath. The retaining tooth sinks into the plastic sheath of the cable and the contact teeth estabish a secure connection to the cable shield. For a secure and technically irreproachabe earthing connection to small cable cross-sections, there is no alternative to this product.

We supply this shield connector assembled with a ground conductor from 1mm to 4mm, whereby the standard is about 2.5mm. The standard insulation colour is black, any other colour is, however, available even without longer delivery time.

Schirmverbindung Typ SW
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