Shield connector Type: SC

Shield connector Type: SC Standard

The shield connectors are pressed together by the user during installation. A a result, the electrical through connection of a cable shield depends on the strength of the user.

The measurements confirm that the quality of through connections fluctuates widely in continous operation and can thus be defective, often resulting in a bad transmission quality and the risk of a non-existing earthing if external voltage is present. In order to avoid these problems right from the beginning, we present our shield connector, type SC.

Solderless connections between the individual cable shields can be established by this shield connector, and this with optimum ease of installation! The shield connection clip consists of a spring-tempered special steel; after the mounting on the cable sheath, the retaining teeth bite into the plastic sheath, while the contact toothing provides a secure and stable connection to the cable shield. This happens without any compression of the clip by the fitter according to the spring principle. Due to the design, a cutting of a strap out of the cable sheath is not necessary, this ensures that individual cable cores are not damaged during installation. We supply this shield connector assembled with a ground conductor from 1mm to 4mm, where by the standard is about 2.5mm. The standard insulation colour is black, any other colour is, however, available even without longer delivery time.

Schirmverbindung Typ: SC
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