Shield connector Type: SM

Shield connector Type: SM

The problem with cables with few pairs and data lines is well-known – there is often no space for a secure shield connection. The solution – our shield connector of type SM.

This product is a shield connection clip that has specially been developed for small cable cross-sections. The mechanical contact to the cable shield is established by compression with a standard pair of tongs during assembly. During compression, the retaining teeth bite into the plastic insulation of the cable and thus ensure an optimal hold. The contact teeth as well as the optimally conductive surface coating ensure the optimal electrical through-connection.

After proper installation, this shield connection system provides an excellent electrical contact and, of course, fulfils the requirements of the DIN norm 47626.

The shield connector of type SM – the most economical way to establish connection!

With this shield connection system, we offer an optional assembly tool for expanding the cable sheath (see the assembly instructions). This ensures that damage to individual cores is prevented during installation.

We supply this shield connector assembled with a ground conductor from 1mm² to 4mm², whereby the standard is about 2.5mm². The standard insulation colour is black, any other colour is, however, available even without longer delivery time.

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